Welcome, horror aficionados and newbies alike!

Thank you for giving my blog a shot! My name is Morgan, and in case you haven’t guessed, I am a girl who is really, really, REALLY into horror (and, as you can tell from the name of my blog, I also have a soft spot for terrible puns). View From the Morg is a place where I post random musings, reviews, and any fangirl moments I may have about all things horror. Horror can be fun. Who can’t remember watching horror movies at slumber parties and giggling your way through it with friends? Of course, 99% of the time you realize later that despite your inner voice telling you that there is safety in numbers, you’re all too chicken to sleep with the lights off. Horror can be over the top and silly in the best possible way. The buckets (and buckets and buckets) of blood in Ash vs. Evil Dead will never cease to entertain me, not to mention that wonderful puppet version of Ash with its teeny tiny chainsaw arm. Horror can be a lot of things. Horror can be….well, horrifying.

But horror is also extremely creative. Some of the greatest stories being told today are horror stories. It is a category of storytelling that has the potential to tell tales that shock, stun, scare and surprise. But through it all, we still have to engage with the characters to love the story. And that’s when horror is at its best – when it’s telling stories that make us ask questions about ourselves. How would we react in a given situation? Would we be strong or smart enough to be the final girl? How do we handle the fact that the people around us may be capable of doing awful things?

Hopefully, I can share my passion for horror with you! I will feature reviews and musings on horror movies, books, and comics. While I love to discuss anything to do with horror, I have a particular passion about the representation and inclusion of women in horror movies and spaces.

So, welcome to the fun house – just watch where you step and avoid suspicious looking clowns!