Coming Soon: View From the Morg: 2.0!

Get ready for some exciting changes to!

I have decided to give full-time writing a go, and as a result have much more time to dedicate to the blog!

Some items that you can look forward to:

  1.  Weekly Women in Horror Wednesdays – every week, no exceptions
  2. Monthly franchise binge, including reviews and ranking
  3. Monthly looks at horror classics
  4. Research pieces on historical and psychological aspects of horror
  5. Monthly personal blog posts (I am bound to make mistakes along the way on this journey and feel that my pain should be another aspiring writer’s gain!)
  6. Regular short horror fiction by yours truly!

All this and more!  I am so excited to be devoting time to this project, which I am so passionate about!  I am also thrilled at the prospect of making this blog a little more personal, and to interact more with readers.

For requests or comments, feel free to contact me here!  You can also find me on facebook, twitter and Instagram @MorgBlog, or follow the blog by adding your email on the homepage.

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