5 Non-Horror Reasons Autumn is the Best of All Seasons

Fall is often equated with Halloween.  We horror freaks love every single Jack-o-lantern, skeleton, black cat, and pumpkin spice latte that creep into the stores signalling the start of the horror lover’s new year.  Over the course of the season and especially October, you guys are going to get all the horror love that it is possible for me to give as I explode in excitement like the sandworm in Tremors going over a cliff.

So before things get super Halloween-y, I’d like to share the many other reasons that I love the fall.

1.  Sweater Weather

How great is the change in fall weather?  Gone are the endless hours of sweltering in the wilting 40 degree desert afternoon.  No more hunkering down in air conditioned basements, looking loningly at the sun but knowing full well that if you step a toe outside you’ll melt into a puddle.  And best of all, getting to prepare to wear all those layers again.  Summer is brutal for reminding us that we can only take so many clothes off, but we can always add those snuggly layers  on a chilly evening.  Bring on the chunky sweaters and cozy leggings!  I am so ready to wear cute boots again!

2.  Candy, Treats and All Those Lovely Fall Flavours

One of the perks/evil things about the autumn time is the influx of sweet treats literally everywhere you shop.  It’s like the precursor to all of the holiday eating that we all inevitably do around the new year.  Scented maple pumpkin candles become a thing (I’m Canadian, remember?).  Coffee shops show off their new fall flavours, and all of those sweet, hot coffees and teeny tiny chocolate bars that it just felt too hot to indulge in seem like a really great idea when you’re heading home to curl up under a blanket on your couch with a good book (in afore mentioned cozy sweaters and leggings, of course).

3.   The Leaves

If you are fortunate enough to live in a place like I do where there is ample opportunity to watch the changing of the seasons, I hope you take advantage every year.  It’s that magical time of year where the leaves change colour and you can physically see the season changing.  The colours are just cascading yellows, oranges and reds that you can see in waves as you walk down the streets.  When the wind picks up and takes the leaves with it, it’s like a precursor to its renewal in the spring.  It’s almost a sad beauty, but it feels like a time of rejuvenation and hope, one last gasp before the loneliness of winter kicks in.

4.  It’s Road Trip Time

I don’t know about you, but for me, summer trips are historically busy, disorganized, and hectic.  Trips with and to visit family are often last minute, or I am visiting so many people that it gets hard to keep track.  On top of that, people are often in a hurry, thinking about all of the tasks they have to complete before their next trip the following weekend.  Or, we have a blast at gatherings, expos and conventions, and while we enjoy them, we must adhere strictly to a timetable.  In our rush to enjoy the summer, I think that we sometimes lose sight of what it is that makes vacations enjoyable.  Sure, the craziness is part of the fun, but those autumn trips typically allow me to relax and unwind.  Last year, for instance, I went with some friends for a wine and reading weekend in September.  The year before, a casual road trip with a single friend, some good books, and the only two goals being to hit up IKEA at some point and to find a great pair of shoes for winter.  Trust me, taking a short trip in the fall can really help to relax, unwind and prepare for the usually hectic holiday season.

5.  Reading Time

The nights are longer in the fall, and it cools off a lot earlier, so it stands to reason that more time will be spent indoors, keeping warm and finding ways to entertain yourself.  Surely for many horror fans, this will include watching the pre-requisite Halloween classics that we watch every year.  But for me, it is also a time when I make a point to read more.  I am an avid reader, and even I find that the amount that I read tapers off quite a bit in the summer.  Doing a lot of things outdoors and visiting a lot more with relatives and friends from out of town doesn’t eliminate that restful reading time, but it definitely does cut it down.  I take the opportunity to cozy up with nice chunky classics, a great cup of tea, and a good pair of slippers.

What about you?  What is your favourite thing about fall?

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