Horror Fans Rise: It’s October!!!

Happy October, everyone!

I’m so excited!  I have a horror blog, and it’s OCTOBER!

You might be thinking, “Big deal.  It’s a horror blog year round.”  If you are, I think that you underestimate my level of excitement over loving horror during the month of Halloween.

See, horror lovers are often looked at a little oddly.  The horror community is made up of some of the friendliest people that any fandom has ever met.  We are a passionate bunch, and we love to debate endlessly.  Who would REALLY win in a match between Freddy and Jason?  Yay or nay on Argento’s use of colour as symbolism in Suspiria?  Horror comedy – silly or genius?  And, of course, the endless debate in horror circles: original vs. remake.  Of pretty much anything.

But here’s the thing.  Being a horror fan in a small community that doesn’t have a ton of events supporting horror can be a little bit isolating.  Finding fellow fans to connect with can be tough, and finding people who are at the level of fan that you are can be even tougher.  To attend a horror convention, I had to ride a bus for 10 hours.  To go to an indie film that I wanted to see premiere, I would have had to drive 6 hours in the other direction.  When ‘The Heretics’ had a one-night special showing in town last year I jumped at the chance…and my boyfriend and I were the only two people in the theater.

When October rolls around, it is insanely exciting for me.  I woke up this morning like a kid on Christmas morning.  I stretched and grinned in the Friday the 13th t-shirt I was wearing as pyjamas.  I beamed and cried “It’s here!” while I drank my morning tea from my Chucky mug.  I got dressed to go out in fall weather, donning my The Shining scarf for the first time this season and grabbing my Penny Dreadful travel tumbler.  All of this for one simple reason: in October, I am not weird!

In October, people want to talk about horror!  It is a time for a scare, and even people that don’t like horror love a good haunted house now and then.  It’s a month where horror fans get to be as loud as they want, and feel understood by the world at large.  And best of all, I get to engage with more and more people about my absolute favourite topic!

In honour of my favourite month, here are some items to watch for right here at viewfromthemorg.com!

  1. A-Z of horror!  Daily recommendations for everything from ALIENS to ZOMBIES from October 5-30th!
  2. Halloween book club – watch for discussion both here and on my facebook page (@MorgBlog)!
  3. Daily quotes and trivia on my twitter feed and Instagram (@MorgBlog)
  4. Recommendations for family-friendly movies and books for the Halloween season!
  5. Personal essays on any horror events that I attend this year
  6. All of this and you will still get the regular content that you love, including Women in Horror Wednesday posts!

Whether you are a die-hard horror lover, casual fan, or terrified of your own shadow, I encourage you to follow me!  Join me in this epic journey through October, culminating in the favourite holiday of the horror fan.

As always, if you have a project that you would like reviewed or featured, please contact me at morgan@viewfromthemorg.com!

Happy Halloween!!!!


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