So, my teetering pile of to be read comics finally came crashing down when my cat decided that it would make a good face scratcher.

     This is a classic double edged sword.  It was terrible in the sense that I needed to clean it up.  For me, “cleaning up” books, movies, or comics is never an easy task.  Things tend to remain in neat, albeit unorganized, piles until such a time as I can make room in my busy schedule to properly put them away.  In the case of comic books, this means that I need to sort them by series, series number, and subseries, entering them into a tracker to ensure that I don’t have any duplicates,  and finally placing them in their protective sleeves in boxes that are separated by publisher.

     I have a lot of comics, and I am very particular.  If I want to re-read I Hate Fairyland, I’m not screwing around.  I am finding that series in ten seconds flat.

     The plus side?  It has prompted me to catch up on my comic series, something that I have been sadly neglecting lately.  It has also spurred me to want to re-read some of the series that I love so much that are now completed.

     The point of this post?  Well, first off I know all you comic book collectors out there will agree with my organizational system, and I feel like there is comfort in numbers when it comes to my quirks.  Second, it’s a heads up to expect some reviews of comics coming up, both old and new!  I will be focusing on horror themes, so sorry, no superhero comics to be found here.

     Stay tuned, starting next week there will be a comic review each week.  I’ll be covering everything from Spell on Wheels to Survivors Club to speculating about Army of Darkness / Bubba Ho-Tep coming in February.

     If you have a request or suggestion, please let me know!

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