80s Month at View From the Morg!

Get out your bangles and legwarmers and call your friends on your rotary phone, because March is gonna be, like, totally bitchin’!

Much like our absolute favourite rom-coms, the 80s is a special decade for horror for fans.  I can’t wait to revisit the best of the decade that brought us everything from Beetlejuice to Silver Bullet to A Nightmare on Elm Street!

This month will focus on all of your favourite 80s horror!  You can expect:

  • play by play rewatches of some of your favourites
  • remakes vs originals for 80s classics
  • nostalgic use of 80s music in modern horror
  • 80s boom of kid-friendly horror movies
  • iconic 80s characters in horror
  • forgotten slashers of the 80s
  • bizarre 80s horror toys
  • parenting techniques according to 80s horror
  • pulpy 80s novels reads

All of this goodness in addition to your usual reviews and commentary!

The 80s kicks off right here tomorrow with a nostalgic look at 1987’s Hellraiser, the precursor to the 90s obsessions with the underworld in horror.

(Photo by Lorenzo Herrera on Unsplash)

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