Remembering the Horror Roots of ‘Supernatural’

With the exciting finale of last night’s season finale, the Winchesters are going strong headed into their fifteenth and final season. Many have left the show over the years as it began to stray from its original formula, but they really did miss out. This is a show that is far from perfect (as its most recent season has illustrated), but it is also a show that I’ve always given props for trying new things. Just as you feel its getting formulaic, the rug gets yanked out and things are changed again. And seriously, you’d have to be pretty hard-hearted not to feel for these brothers throughout the years. Jensen Ackles crying will undo me every time!

Many were shocked at the direction that the season finale took, but I think its an amazing opportunity. Without getting into specifics, it looks like the Winchesters will have a real chance to get back to the basics, the root of the stories that started their journey way back when.

And that root is horror, my friends!

Supernatural hasn’t been considered a horror series since its first or second season, and so audiences tend to forget that its where it started. While horror episodes became fewer and fewer as the series went on, it was still there, popping out unexpectedly and getting forgotten between episodes that focused on the ever growing mythology and lore surrounding angels, demons, and God himself.

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This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They leaned heavily into the more bonkers aspects of it, and having Sam and Dean host a Dr. Phil-style therapy session between God and Lucifer and having Lucifer storm into a bedroom and blast music was entertaining as hell (no pun intended). Yes, this is a legit description of a scene. And no, this isn’t the craziest thing that this show has ever done. It’s been scary, hilarious, clever, dramatic, nonsensical, heartbreaking, and endearing, sometimes all in one episode. This is a show that has never been just one thing.

So, with the final season set to start next fall, I’d like to recap the best horror episodes to send off a show that has made a huge imprint in our pop culture landscape. I’ve just started re-watching, so I’ll be updating this list by season as I progress.

Stay tuned for season one, coming soon!

Image by RPF70 from Pixabay

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